Types of Water Faucets According to their Functions

Getting to Know More about the Types of Water Faucets

The cleanliness of the residence and workplace cannot be separated from the role of a water faucet. Faucet is a device used to remove water from a water installation system. With its relatively small size, faucets are indispensable as one of the important elements in an activity that uses water. This water faucet works with a hose or pipe that is used to drain the water.

The water faucet has a more special function, namely to control the amount of water that is released. With its small size, the faucet becomes a very helpful tool in daily operations. Hoses and bathrooms definitely need this little tool. It turns out that the selection of water faucets can affect the beauty of the interior starting from the kitchen and toilet. Because, currently there are many water faucets circulating in the market with various designs, shapes and colors.

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Well, usually in a house or residence, the function of this faucet is generally divided into three, namely a faucet for the kitchen, a faucet in the bathroom which is generally divided into two, namely for the sink and bathtub, and a water faucet that is outside the room.

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In addition, what you need to pay attention to is the function of each faucet. For example, the water faucet used in the kitchen is of course placed about 30 centimeters higher, because its function is used to wash kitchen utensils which of course require more space. This is different from the way the faucet is installed in the sink, which is lower and closer to the placemat, because it only functions to wash hands.

Furthermore, there is also a hot and cold water faucet system where you only need to slide the faucet left or right. Usually, this faucet has a sign that is red for hot water and blue for cold water. And the middle one for room temperature temperature.

In this modern era, the faucet model continues to develop. The earliest model was the threaded mode, with the system going up and down in a closed and openable hole. The second mode is a swivel system using the ball in it as a cover. There is also a faucet system that opens by pressing, as well as an automatic faucet that uses a motion sensor.

Currently, there are many types of faucets available in various shapes, colors, and sizes. In general, faucets are divided into four types, namely:

Ball faucet

This type of faucet is the most abundant and the easiest to find. The characteristics of this faucet is located on the handle which is single. How to turn off or turn on the water flow is fairly easy, you just need to move the rotary lever at the top of the faucet. Then the ball located in the faucet will open so that water can come out or slide down.

Tube faucet (cartridge faucet)

This type of faucet also has a tube but its function is clearly different. The tube contained in this faucet cartridge can be moved down and up by pressing it. Its function is to adjust the volume of water to be removed from the pipe or hose.

Disc faucet

This faucet is the result of technological advances and new discoveries. With single shaped handle. Now for the body and the body is a cylinder. This dish faucet has the specialty of being equipped with a fairly wide tube size. This tube has the function of serving as a shade for a disc of which there are two. This plate can be shifted from one direction to another. The function of this shift is to get the required water temperature, either hot, cold or warm. This type of faucet has good resistance so that it is less likely to damage or leak.

Compression faucet

This faucet is an old type of faucet. In general, it has two handles or handles that are used to dispense hot or cold water. The way it works is to use a compression rod that consists of a rock or screw and a seal or washer. When turned off, this tool will press the shutoff valve so that water does not come out again. Unfortunately, after the discovery of more sophisticated faucet technology such as disc faucets, this type of compression faucet is rarely used. Because it often causes leakage problems in the insulation and ring parts.

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